Why Google+ is shutting down?

Why Google+ is shutting down?

What is G+?

     Google+, also written as Google Plus or G+, is basically an internet-social networking platform, both owned and operated by Google. The network was  launched back in June 2011 replacing Google Buzz in an attempt to challenge other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It was programmed to link Google’s products like YouTube. As of 2015, stastics show that G+ has around 111million active users. However, it is scheduled to be shutdown for consumers on 2nd April, 2019. For creating a G+ account the consumer was required to register in the official website, however registration has been closed since 4th February, 2019.

G+ being shutdown?

Google has announced that it is shutting down its social networking site Google+ for consumers. It was reported that data was exposed. However,  there is no proof yet that it was improperly accessed. The company admitted that Google+ never really got the broad adoption or engagement with users that it had hoped for initially. Now that these new revelations has been made about the security concerns, the company has opted to shut the site down instead of trying to make it more secure.

The company discovered a huge bug in one of Google+’s accounts. It included personal data such as name, email, occupation, gender and age. However, it did not include information from Google+ posts. The bug was patched in March 2018, but Google did not inform its users at that time.

However, Google+ shall continue as a product for Enterprise users. It has a platform created, and by far the most popular use of the social network. Therefore, Google has taken the decision that Google+ shall work better as an internal social network for companies, rather than a consumer product. Google will announce its new enterprise-focused features for Google+ in the near future.

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