Viral social media marketing

viral social media marketing

digital marketing services in bangalore
digital marketing services in bangalore

New age & Social Media


 There was a time when email & Orkut were the social platforms people accessed. That too occasionally. But with the passing time, this social media has become an industry. People have started making a career out of social. Social media is now much more than a chatting site. People flaunt, sale, buy on social media platforms. The world is just a click away.


What is Viral Social Media Marketing ( VSMM)

Viral Social Media Marketing is when product marketing is getting recognized in social media. This is the fastest way of communicating about the product. Generally, Viral means when something spreads rapidly among the community, the best example of it is a virus. VSMM is no different than this.


Though by the time India has adopted a Social Media Marketing strategy, it is a well-established concept in the marketing sector to the rest of the world. Still, it successfully gained relevance in the Indian market. Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata are the growing city in Digital Marketing. Among them, Bengaluru ranks highest.


Being the city of Information Technology Industry there is no wonder when the report shows that Digital marketing Services in Bengaluru has found a new path to growth.


Digital Marketing itself is a vast subject yet interesting. Making ads, layouts, writing content provides one with the opportunity of creativity. The digital world has a very short span lifetime. In the crowd of thousands of floating things if you want others to check your stuff out, you must put the x-factor in the marketing strategy.


There are a lot of things one needs to take into consideration. I.e post timing, target audience, short & crisp content etc.


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