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Improve your Staff Services with Staff Augmentation

Smartworkslabs is a pioneer in java-application-development-company IT Staff Augmentation industry. We have helped large as well
as mid-sized clients to achieve their business goals by providing them with the high quality of IT talent globally. We offer staff augmentation services in Bangalore, India by finding the right people, with high skills, for the right job.

We offer recruitment services in Bangalore, India and hire direct models. This can help you
to instantly ramp up your team to meet your business objectives.

Our experienced staffing methodology allows us to engage best of the IT industry. Our
referral-based sourcing policy joins us with a secure screening process which assures that
we are short listing the right resources to help you in your business.

How Smartworklabs work?

1. Onsite Staffing

When your projects require highly experienced consultants with excellent domain
knowledge and grasp, our onsite Staffing model enables you to access our expertise in your
office premise.

2. Direct Placement

When the client wants to strengthen their organization by adding special abilities then you
can hire people straight under your payroll. With our Direct Hire program, we provide you
with pre-screened, well-qualified candidates who are able to meet your all requirements
within a short turnaround time.

We make all it happen as we are having a large collection of adequate candidates and our
unparalleled sourcing methods. Smartworklabs assures accomplished professionals
executives that are the best fit to your business. Our fee structure is ambitious and intended
to assure client delight.

3. Temp-to-Hire

Our Temp-to-Hire Program lets the client bring a selected candidate into your work
environment for performance evaluation. The candidate works on the interim assignment to
ensure that they are a good fit. If you decide to work with us, we will provide you with a
prorated fee structure.

4.Offshore Staffing

Recruitment services in Bangalore, India offer you with offshore staffing model that allows
you to choose “managing your resources by yourself or letting us do it for you,”, In this
model, our consultants work from the office. Our offshore staffing model provides you with
art services at optimize cost.

Advantages we offered:

Recruitment services in Bangalore, India offer you a great advantage. Some of the major

advantages are enlisted below:

  • Perfect for tightly budgeted projects
  • Our consultants work under client supervision
  • Introduction the industry-best resources and skill sets
  • Comprehensive adaptability to scale up or down
  • Full control over project development
  • Cost optimization as well as progress visibility
  • Business connection with a time preferenc

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