how to optimize SEO as per latest google algorithms

THE IMPACT OF SEO Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a trend that is present in the IT industry for close to 2 decades now. Still, the domain remains ever present and ever evolving as before. Numerous innovations are still being carried out with respect to this and it is bearing fruit gradually. Some of the SEO methods prove to be sharp and precise to produce effective reasons. While there are some, that might leave you in a bit of a fix if it is not done properly. Thus, many of the digital marketing services in Bangalore are making optimizing their SEO. This is being done with respect to the latest Google Algorithms.   UNDERSTANDING THE GOOGLE ALGORITHMS The most effective Google Algorithm that every SEO is aware of is the Google Panda. The evaluation of the content is done in accordance with the content quality. If your content is a bit thin, or of low quality then it can be said that Panda has been successfully triggered. Another algorithm that is seen and heard of by many of the digital marketers is the Google Penguin. Functionally, it is a bit similar, but it has its differences. Penguin evaluates the site contents with respect to its links. Backlinks are very effective in increasing your site rankings. Google Pigeon is another algorithm that functions with a combination of traditional and local search algorithms. This increases the content quality by a tremendous number. Also, it optimizes your website for mobile devices as well. Many of the digital marketing services in Bangalore are using this in accordance with the protocols.   HOW IS SMARTWORKLABS INSTRUMENTAL IN THIS? Digital Marketing services in Bangalore, and particularly SmartWorkLabs are taking a unique step forward in boosting the SEO. The methods and steps that are being taken from their end is nothing short of incomparable and incomprehensible.