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Experience the Knack of ATG/Endeca

In the past few years, the acquirement of ATG and Endeca has seen a significant rise. There are numerous queries related to complete this integration. Here are some features of ATG/ Endeca Guided search enumerated below

Features of Endeca

Oracle provides a very simple and relevant opinion, in their reckoning, ATG search lacked many features that are now offered by Endeca Commerce system.
  • Limited data modeling
  • Multi-entity data
  • Fast discovery against complex
We provide the desired abilities for a product catalog as well as for extra data sources so that the cross-sell and up-sell merchandising’s can be complemented. Other than this, performance and scalability the MDEX engine is essential to add capacity accordingly as required. It has been seen that the spelling features and other dictionary elements have been always in context to the data in the Endeca, and Merchant empowerment via experience manager and the where the user has surfed on your site.

Why you now need it

ATG search has been progressing towards its phase-out, so it gets quite essential for the customers to understand the need to encapsulate Endeca Commerce instead of others. This shift has been quite evident and apparent from the past few years. However, newer versions of ATG Web commerce are likely to come up in the upcoming years.

What we Offer

We know the knack of designing, developing, customizing and personalizing the online buying experience for your Oracle Commerce solution. It is likely to aid in rising conversions as well as order values along with customer loyalty. Other than this, we are extremely good at configuring, maintaining, customizing, and deploying your Commerce solutions. In order to get a dynamic, attractive and compelling site for your customers, you should hire us. There are several features and qualities of Endeca Commerce offers, along with the noteworthy values to an Oracle-based ATG Web Commerce solution. If in case you plan to stick on staying with the present ATG, or you in case you are to start with a new fresh project, you are sure to implement the use of Endeca in your desired solution, which can be assisted by us, the leading Endeca ATG web commerce consulting in Bangalore| India. Our experienced team knows all the depths and breadths related to the all facets of the process, starting from business consultations to rationalizing.

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